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giving this a try

I am only giving this a try so i can afford to pay on my domain names… Earn free bitcoin

If this works I may remove google adsense off my pages that is not paying me very well anyhow.. I so hope this works…  and I hope I get the same task of the link each day I have plenty of websites and pages to post it on.

June 23 2016








Casey Heinzism hear a train July 23 2016 8:00pm

Gadgets of the year https://www.facebook.com/gadgetsoty/videos/959280210837174/

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I handed over all but one group… which will be deleted soon… i already archived the group last night…

Today is Cancer Survivor Day.
Can I ask a favour?? Just a few of you will do it, and I know who you possibly are. ❤️💛💚💙💜If you know someone who fought a battle against cancer and passed away, or someone who is still struggling, or know a brave survivor ❤️💛💚💙copy and paste this to your status to show support, respect and love.
Copy, do not share.

For all of those people
June 22 at 2:34am · Friends

Please sign this Please sign this.. and help me to get Facebook to listen so I can be Happy again lol.. hugs all I left all groups and pages and will not be back unless facebooks approves my other name,,

Facebook: Let Casey Heinzism use his performers, celebrity, writers pen name, on Facebook!
June 22 at 8:51pm

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June 24th 2016

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Gee thanks Paltalk not accepting paypal as an option for the buy one get one free deal i see…


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